Fashion and events are two worlds that constantly collide and showcase each other’s beauty. At The Play Agency, we have been fortunate enough to work with Crown Group, a prominent and trusted name in the world of real estate and prestige. Our love affair with Crown Group’s events has only grown stronger with time, and this year, we were super excited to be a part of their involvement in the 2022 Australian Fashion Week (AAFW). We share our experience of working with Crown Group at AAFW and the amazing entertainment experience we created.

The AAFW is a highly anticipated event that brings together the biggest names in the fashion industry. Crown Group provided Skye Suites apartments for fashion designers staying at AAFW. We were thrilled to be a part of the arrival night event, where we created a simple yet sophisticated entertainment experience for the guests. We created a beautiful ambiance with a red carpet welcoming guests, where Two Porches were on display upon arrival, and guests were treated with Champagne and canapes. Printed menus propped up on the tables under beautiful flower arrangements provided a visually appealing sit-down dinner.

The Crown Group CEO, Iwan Sunito, made a surprise appearance, which added to the excitement of the evening. It was a great opportunity for the guests to rub shoulders with some of the biggest names in the industry. We provided a minimalistic yet captivating DJ set that complemented the evening filled with conversation and anticipation for the upcoming fashion week. Each element of the event was meticulously planned and implemented to provide guests with a memorable experience.

At The Play Agency we have been privileged to work with Crown Group on several occasions. One such occasion was the Eastlakes Live Unveiling, where we created an entire entertainment experience for over 600 guests. We handled every aspect of the event, from landscape design to entertainment and catering. We provided an immersive experience for the guests, starting with a stunning entrance, followed by a mesmerizing performance by DJ bands, and a light show that added a touch of magic to the evening.

Working with clients like Crown Group motivates us to keep pushing the boundaries of event planning and design.