Celebrating Women’s Contributions in Construction with NAWIC


It’s no secret that the construction industry is male-dominated, with just 9% of all construction workers being women. However, the National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC) is committed to changing that. The organization’s mission is to promote and support women working in the construction industry, and every year they hold an event to celebrate their successes. This is where The Play Agency comes in. As experts in creating amazing entertainment experiences, they were tasked with curating an unforgettable evening that aligned with NAWIC’s objectives.


NAWIC’s annual event is a time for members to come together, network, and learn from each other. The Play Agency created a custom band specifically tailored to NAWIC’s objectives. From interactive acts to live music performances, there was something for everyone in attendance. One of the highlights of the evening was an incredible aerial performance by a female acrobat. Her strength and poise inspired the crowd and demonstrated the incredible talent of women in all aspects of construction.


The Play Agency worked to create a welcoming atmosphere where attendees could connect with one another. The agency’s team members were on-hand to provide support and ensure everyone had a great time. They designed an experience that engaged attendees through interactive and unique entertainment while effectively promoting NAWIC’s mission of empowering women in construction.


NAWIC’s goal was to create something that would grab attendees’ attention, be well-received, and ultimately promote the message of championing women’s contributions in construction. The band’s energy and passion captivated the audience, and their talent shone through. This performance demonstrated that women can excel in all aspects of the construction industry, including creating and executing memorable, expressive experiences.

What a night!