REMI Residences

End buying off the plan...

We recently had the pleasure of working with the team at MFG Global to curate an unforgettable launch event for the unparalleled REMI Residences on the Gold Coast. MFG did this one a little differently and are selling their apartments fully completed and ready to move in, rather than ‘off the plan’. We were brought in to elevate guests first walk through the space, and showcase a lifestyle filled with class and sophistication – everything that REMI has to offer.

Guests arrived at REMI Residences to the enchanting melodies of a harpist, setting the tone for an evening of refined elegance and sophistication. They were immediately transported into a world of luxury and serenity and guided to the exclusive penthouse where they were treated to lavish cocktails and canapes against the panoramic views of the Gold Coast. Upon entering the penthouse, the rhythmic beats of a DJ infused the air with energy, seamlessly transitioning the ambiance from tranquil to vibrant.

Guests were taken on a journey throughout 6 beautifully staged apartments and finally taken to the after party, where REMI pulled out all the stops. A lavish grazing table and fully stocked bar set the scene for a memorable night. Adding to the allure of the evening were captivating performances by our talented magician, who’s sleight of hand wowed the crowd. Stunning aerialists performed over the pool while fire dancers mesmerised with their exhilarating display of skill. All paired with a perfect playlist curated by our DJ and roaming saxophonist, the guests were entertained at every turn.

Captured by our photographers and videographer, this event paved the way for a new generation of real estate, not only showcasing the property’s unique offerings, but giving prospective buyers a taste of what life is all about at REMI.