The House of Play

Our mini showcase event

Making Events Iconic

Event: House of Play Powered by The Play Agency x Solotel
Date: Wednesday 20th September 2023

1. DJ Mimi
2. Glitter Glam & Lash Station
3. Roving Lamp Shades
4. Living Champagne Wall
5. Roving Band
6. Roving brand ambassadors
7. Martini Glass Burlesque
8. Light Up Letters
9. Balloon installation
10. Living red carpet
11. Brand signage activation throughout

As a result of a year of immense growth, formative partnerships and the launch of our mature brand presence our inaugural House of Play launch was born. A significant milestone, marking our official entry to market. We aimed to create a memorable and impactful experience that was faithful to our brand ethos, in true collaboration with our venue partner and challenged the status quo.

The team worked in consultation and collaboration with Solotel, our venue partner, curating a truly immersive experience from the arrival moment to the finale across three levels challenged by ensuring that there was dual brand representation, minimal impact to clientele of shared spaces and the ability to reflect depth and breadth of entertainment solutions.

Our position as an entertainment agency is to challenge the form and function of the role entertainment plays at an event, House of Play brought this to life. From the moment guests arrived they were immersed, surprised and delighted from living lamp shades kerbside, to living carpets on level 1 and your first drink being served by a living champagne wall. A sensory overload evoking both conscious and subconscious emotions solidifying their connection between experience and memories.

From the dressing room to the dining room; curating a progressive event moment supported by a roving band, having your pizza hand delivered in branded pizza boxes by disco heads, enjoying the charcuterie culinary delight upon a branded vinyl turntable. We pushed the boundaries to the very end, drawing all guests to the red light district “aka the rooftop” greeted by a life size martini glass and delighted by the athleticism, fun and engagement of Diesel Darlings burlesque.

The success of our inaugural House of Play has set a strong foundation and benchmark for our inhouse owned event program for the years to follow. Serving as a powerful platform to introduce our brand and engage our stakeholders. Feedback on our guests’ experiences reaffirms our belief that entertainment can be transformative, creating deep emotional connections and etching memories that last far beyond the event itself.

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